Henson Oil Boilers & Tanks
Henson Oil Boilers & Tanks

Fuel and oil prices are steadily rising, which is pushing an increasing number of people into fuel poverty and making home heating oil and diesel fuel into “liquid gold” and a prime target for thieves.


So what can be done to safeguard your Oil Supply?


There are two main concerns: 


  • how to safeguard fuel supply and

  • how to cope with rising fuel prices


There are various preventative measures for combating oil theft including:


  • Installing security cameras on the premises

  • Deterring thieves using a guard dog

  • “Sonic Sensor” or Sonic Signalman, an electronic fuel monitor or electronic wireless systems for remotely monitoring fuel levels


There are various oil tank gauges or oil tank alarms currently available.


The latest technology or Sonic Signalman as we refer to it, can monitor the levels in a fuel storage and dispensing tank, or kerosene in a bunded heating oil tank. It has GSM capability that can send text alerts to the owner if there is a drop in fuel or oil levels. This notifies of a potential fuel theft in real time. In other words, it provides a means for the owner to monitor, constantly, their oil tank supplies. The wireless electronic monitor is suitable for any existing or new oil tank installation, whether it’s a bunded heating oil tank or a single skin oil tank.


You may want to know if your oil tank is suitable for this technology. The simple answer is yes, any plastic or steel oil tank can be suitable, depending on the condition of the oil tank- in other words as long as there are no leaks or the tank is showing signs of wear or tear due to age. 

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